Chilean Government to promote BIM for public sector projects from 2016

Michelle Bachelet

In news that seems to have slipped under the global radar, Chile is championing Building Information Modelling and will launch a new initiative next year.

Last month, the Chilean President, Michelle Bachelet announced in a conference that the country needs to be “intelligent, equitable and sustainable”, and the Government “will promote public projects done with this system”.

With the United Kingdom‘s BIM mandate as an inspiration, Chile has done its research and wanted to take action.

Michelle stated: “With the Strategic Program [for] Productivity and Sustainability in Construction, we are following the experience of the British Government, with the introduction of advanced digital models that allow the integration of project management at different levels and stages, also known as BIM. In England, with the application of this model sector productivity increased by 20%.

“From next January that we will promote public projects done with this system. By chaining these sectors to private enterprise, we are confident that this initiative will have an important demonstration effect.”

Fantastic to see that Chile will be promoting the benefits in the hope that companies will implement BIM.

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