Brazil’s EA+ talk “collaborative coexistence” with Autodesk

Credit: EA+
Credit: EA+

It is brilliant to see how Building Information Modelling has transformed the fortunes of an architecture business, and it is especially great to see a company at the forefront of their country’s prowess within the field share their success.

Florianópolis, Brazil-based architecture practice EA+ have discussed their foray into the world of BIM.

Two of their team members Darley Voltolini and Ronaldo Martins both studied abroad and returned to Brazil with a different view of construction and how design is set to be in the future. They joined EA+ to help the practice turn their future into the present sooner rather than later.

“Technology itself can measure the gains in time and money on each project, because with it the error is more explicit and engaged teams can fix it before impacting the work,” explained Voltolini. Due to that efficiency benefit, Darley said that many hotel and hospital clients are now choosing EA+ as “they know the quality of the final product is superior”.

The professional also discussed working alongside Autodesk: “From the use of software like Autodesk Revit, Autodesk Navisworks, Autodesk BIM 360 Glue, we initiated a collaborative coexistence with Autodesk. With that we migrated from the representation of reality in 2D designs for a more assertive vision with 3D models.”

Autodesk Brazil’s Head of Marketing Marcio Reis Pinto also commented in the Segs hosted article: “We note that the architecture and local construction market is becoming more mature with regard to the use of technology. With that not only our customers can benefit, but the entire chain of Brazil’s construction industry.”

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