BIMcrunch to collaborate with French construction innovation webzine Innov2b

Logo Credit: Innov2b
Logo Credit: Innov2b

Here at BIMcrunch, we pride ourselves on replicating the ethos of Building Information Modelling by collaborating with some of the industry’s finest – whether that be interviewees, renowned conferences or BIM-championing sector leaders like The B1M. Today, we bring news of our latest company collaboration.

We are delighted to today announce our newest industry partnership with French construction innovation webzine, Innov2b. The collaboration will strengthen our position in France, one of our Top 20 markets.

France are up-and-comers when it comes to BIM, with contractor Bouygues leading the way by securing some major projects. The country is also spotlighting global figures as talk of the topic increases.

Innov2b are increasing their number of BIM stories too, publishing interviews with top names from the likes of Bouygues and Tekla. English translations of such content will be featured on BIMcrunch as part of our agreement. Innov2b’s readership are to soon have access to direct translations of BIMcrunch content also.

Innov2b is a not-for-profit organisation made of professionals from Paris’ L’ecole Des Grands Projets, France’s most prestigious building and civil engineering school. In just six months, the technology and innovation has built up quite the following on social media, due it’s widespread construction-based coverage. Working with BIMcrunch is to enrich their output even further.

“I am very grateful for this opportunity to work with BIMcrunch,” stated Pierre Brunelle, Engineer and Writer for Innov2b. “A great partnership is a pairing between equals for the purpose of common growth. I truly believe that success lies in the combination of both our talents and that is why working with BIMcrunch is self-evident.”

BIMcrunch Editor Jack White also commented on the partnership: “I am thrilled to work with Innov2b, a platform that has grown at an incredibly rapid speed in such a short amount of time. Our world-leading coverage of Building Information Modelling news and views has a chance to reach a new audience and I am excited to connect further with our French readers and listeners.”

View Innov2b’s fantastic content by clicking here. Look out for more French content on BIMcrunch in the near future.

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