BIM4M2, CIBSE, Construction Product Association and NBS launch new PDT initiative

Credit: BIM4M2
Credit: BIM4M2

A new industry coalition between a dynamic panel of industry groups has been created in order to help manufacturers prepare for the UK Government’s April 2016 mandate.

Come April 4th, 2016, all centrally procured public sector projects will require the implementation of BIM at Level 2. In addition, centrally funded government departments will be required to provide “clear and complete” EIRs with all contracts.

Mark Bew, The BIM Task Group‘s Chairman has already discussed that all centrally funded public sector departments will be ready for the deadline, but the same can’t be said for many manufacturers within the country, of which some will miss out on vital new resources of trade.

If manufacturers don’t have BIM-compatible versions of their product range, how can they be specified for inclusion in these BIM-essential projects? The simple answer is that they can’t.

In order to change this, BIM for Manufacturers (BIM4M2) have teamed up with the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE), Construction Product Association (CPA) and National Building Specification (NBS) to support manufacturers with free, consistent product data parameters and templates (PDTs).

Currently, a standard approach to PDTs is non-existent. It is hoped that the industry will get behind this initiative, which is backed by the BIM Task Group. The aforementioned Mr. Bew commented:

“When the BIM Task Group identified the client data requirements which are now provided in the BIM Toolkit we were looking for other communities to work together to provide their own common data requirements. This initiative from the products and manufacturing sector signals an important collaboration from industry which will add significant value and clarity.”

The templates created by the new stable of household AEC names will identify the minimum amount of information that BIM components must possess, in accordance to the government’s Level 2 suite of documents. PDT progress already achieved by BIM4M2, CIBSE and NBS will be aligned and the trio have agreed to utilise the same terminology too.

Peter Caplehorn, Deputy Chief Executive & Policy Director for the Construction Products Association said: “The CPA welcomes this move forward. We are at a point where clarity and ease of use of product data is vital for everyone to make progress. We are very pleased to be part of the initiative and will be encouraging all manufacturers to take part.”

It is also expected that more companies will join the initiative in order to more widely reflect the entire manufacturer sector’s views.

More information can be found here.

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