BIM Voice: Olly Thomas discusses bimstore Party at Autodesk University

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BIMcrunch has become a platform for a plethora of elite names from the Building Information Modelling sector to become guest writers on the site and share their thoughts and opinions with the entire #GlobalBIMCrew.

Today, we’re pleased to give you an insight into the creativity and craziness that ensued at this year’s Autodesk University in the United States. Alongside learning all there is to know about Autodesk’s next generation of software and hear from some of the world’s most talented Building Information Modelling professionals, there is some fun to be had too. BIM.TechnologiesOlly Thomas explains below how Sin City hosted a fantastic networking opportunity – the bimstore Party.

There ain’t no party like a bimstore party…

After months of tireless planning, telephone calls and late night emails by Joanna Marshall, the eagerly anticipated bimstore Party finally took place on the evening of Wednesday 2nd December, the second day of Autodesk University 2015 in Las Vegas.

Doors opened at 9pm with a steady stream of ‘Golden Ticket’ holders arriving at the Penthouse Real World Suite of the Hard Rock Hotel. Before taking advantage of the free bar, most people, taken aback by the sheer size and experience, explored the facilities of the impressive suite, including: 3 huge en-suite bedrooms, a hot tub room, pool table area, kitchen, bar, and bowling alley!

Leading the arrivals was Ben Malone, Information Manager at BIM.Technologies, chaperoning a convoy of Limos packed full of some of the most upstanding members of the BIM community. The party featured a wide mix of people and personalities, covering all areas of the construction industry. We were even joined by an extended visit from the official photographer, Chris, who didn’t want to leave such a fun party after his work was done.

It didn’t take long until the bar area was full, the drinks were flowing and the sounds of pins falling, people in full conversation and the music, ramped up to full on the sound system, filled the air. In hindsight the volume level perhaps was slightly too high, causing the music system to overheat- leading to a period of frantic running around trying to fill the void. But this momentary lack of musical accompaniment didn’t dampen spirits which, if anything, were raised when the Hard Rock Hotel staff agreed to keep the bar open longer as an apology!

We shouldn’t have worried though as BIM.Technologies’ Technology Director Adam Ward was leading the repairs, using all the best tricks to diagnose and fix the problem, a.k.a turn off and back on again, Google it, hit it, look at it, etc.

Prior to a nap(!), Adam led the commencement of ‘Operation Hot Tub’ – without a doubt a real highlight of the evening. Ready to jump back into the hot tub at a moment’s notice, robes were donned and a collective move was made to prop up the bar. It’s not every day that you’re stood at a bar, in Las Vegas, wearing a robe and glow stick glasses (for that intellectual look) discussing the intricacies of BIM – I’m not sure we ever will again!

In the wee small hours of the morning, those who were still standing decided to continue the party elsewhere or headed off to bed, but not before a few festive numbers were belted out. A rendition of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” brought the evening to a brilliant close!

We hope those who came enjoyed the first bimstore Party as much as we did and we trust everyone will join us in thanking all those who made it possible and such a success, most of who weren’t lucky enough to be in Las Vegas to attend.

“But what about the rest of the night”, I hear you ask. As they say… what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

Learn more about Olly over at LinkedIn and Twitter. Ensure to also visit the official Twitter feed for the West Midlands BIM Region, of which Olly is the current BIM Champion.

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