BIM.Technologies’ Neil Marshall: “As someone entering the world of BIM now, where on earth do you start?”

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One of the United Kingdom‘s most knowledgeable Information Managers has pondered not just how to begin your Building Information Modelling journey, but also perfectly pinpoint just how difficult it can be.

BIM.TechnologiesNeil Marshall voiced his opinion on getting equipped for April 4th, 2016 in a new Insight on Space Group‘s official website.

Outlining the abundance of things to think about when entering the sector, Neil wrote: “I now reflect on the noise we’re hearing right now and I fear for the adopters late to the party. With shrink wraps and stretch targets, confusion about the DPoW and how this sits within contractual arrangements, updated standards (there are SO many!), the rebranding of the industry BIM Hubs to Regions and then events, where people are talking about IoT and digital security.

“Oh my god – help! As someone entering the world of BIM now, where on earth do you start? If an early adopter like me is reeling at the amount of relevant conversation, I feel for the newbies.”

How can all of those questions be answered? Neil gives his advice, saying: “Identify the individual in your organisation with the wit and wherewithal to seek out what the best options are for YOU! Remember to stay close to them; they will be fundamental to the future potential of your company.

“Start small and make incremental gains building on the success of each target, with a clear road map of future development.

“Never lose sight of your outputs and your passion. It’s easy to get swallowed up by BIM and think it’s the centre of the universe. The centre of your universe is your great product. Delivering that great product in a more streamlined way will breed desire to achieve more and do better.”

The entirety of Neil’s stand-out guidance can be viewed here.

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