BIM for Dummies authors Mordue and Swaddle discuss future of BIM

Credit: Amazon, BIM for Dummies
Credit: Amazon, BIM for Dummies

BIM for Dummies authors Stefan Mordue and Paul Swaddle have discussed their publication and the UK‘s Building Information Modelling future in a new interview.

The pair – both of whom work for NBS – spoke with Designing Buildings Wiki about how they think the future will pan out, and if a time will come where their book will become obsolete.

“From the future side it’s an incredibly exciting time for the industry,” said Paul. “I’ve never understood why construction isn’t a cleaner industry, why there isn’t more off-site work, more quality control before things arrive on site, and I think we’re seeing a great shift towards these kinds of manufacturing processes.

“There’ll always be a time for people who aren’t necessarily familiar with the industry to be able to understand some of the jargon, aspects and specifics of what we do. We can sometimes be quite a closed industry, so opening that up to clients, the users of buildings, to show how their information can be utilised more effectively, I think is the real key,” Swaddle continued.

The pair also gave their thoughts on the biggest obstacle the UK industry faces. Stefan responded: “I would say it’s the behavioural change programme more than anything else. We tend to focus a lot on technology and process and perhaps forget the people element. Taking BIM out of the equation, any changes to process, technology or day-to-day working can affect us as humans. We all react and learn in different ways so it’s a case of managing staff expectation, making sure they are getting all the support, training and education to adapt to new ways of working.”

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