Autodesk Russia invites industry to contribute to Open BIM standard template

Credit: Autodesk
Credit: Autodesk

Autodesk have introduced an Open BIM standards template for the Russian construction industry, and are urging professionals to have their say.

Astera reports that the UK‘s standards have played an instrumental role in inspiring the proposed Russian BIM-Standard, a “key document” which will also be translated into English for further use once completed.

“The need for a common core BIM standard for all countries has been understood for a long time. It was announced and the results of the first meeting of BIM leaders, and through live discussions after each of the BIM events held by us,” said Anastasia Morozova, head of Architectural and Construction Trends for Autodesk Russia.

“It was clear that the task should be decided as quickly as possible, while the majority of companies have not created a completely disparate standard which hamper cooperation. The developers of the standard really analyzed and gathered the best Russian and world experience. In addition, the standard will be translated into English. It will be used by Autodesk, and in other countries.”

Giving his thoughts too was Andrey Belyuchenko, Director of the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation. He told Astera: “The demand for BIM standards is obvious, in the interest of all the experts.

“At the moment, the Ministry of Construction Russia implements a plan for the phased introduction of BIM in the field of industrial and civil construction. Is under examination of 23 pilot projects developed with the use of BIM, after which it is planned to analyze the experience and submit to the Government a list of regulations that need to be adjusted for the smooth implementation in Russia BIM technology.

“Adjustment of the regulatory framework will be completed in 2016, and thus, by 2017 the country will be resolved all issues related to the use of BIM. We welcome the initiative to market experts, carefully consider the achievements of the professional community and, of course, we will consider the most constructive proposals in the formation of normative documents.”

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