WATCH – The Survey Association & Survey4BIM’s BIM Conference recapped

Credit: Survey4BIM
Credit: Survey4BIM

A video clip has been released from The Survey Association‘s BIM Conference detailing the importance of the event to those that attended.

“There aren’t many places you can go now to a conference and hear about what’s happening in the industries that are aligned to our clients, such as the air industry, the rail industry, heritage and find out how BIM applies to them”, explained TechnicsGraham Mills.

TSA’s latest conference – in association with Survey4BIM was held on November 11th at RAF Hendon, a poignant venue considering the date of the symposium. The location was also relevant to some of the less mainstream sectors that BIM can be of use to that surveying companies have as their clientèle.

SUMO ServicesClaire Graham also provides a testimonial, stating that those unsure of BIM adoption are not alone at events like this: “I think it is reassuring that people are here to learn. It is a quite nice situation where actually, people aren’t afraid to say ‘We’re not quite ready for it. What’s happening and what is the best way to go?'”

View the highlight video below.

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