WATCH – The B1M set the record straight concerning BIM terminology

Credit: The B1M
Credit: The B1M

Confused between your Data Sets and your Federated Models? Unsure of the difference between a Data Drop and an Information Model? If you’re struggling to pick up Building Information Modelling jargon, the latest visual from The B1M will help.

A new “cheat sheet” video from the definitive video channel for Building Information Modelling content has been released to their official YouTube channel, and looks at the main linguistic offenders who turn brains into scrambled egg.

A serious word behind a simple concept is Federate, the act of forming something into a single, centralised unit. That practice is applied within a BIM process when different information models, perhaps differing in native software platforms, are brought together within one single type of software. A federated model is essentially just a BIM when all different models created by separate project team partners are combined.

We will leave the rest to be explained by the experts, so you can watch Fred Mills explain some of the trickiest terms below.

For more from The B1M, catch what they had to say when we picked the team’s brains at Digital Construction Week 2015.

For more on The B1M, visit their website or take a look at The B1M Portal on BIMcrunch, a special page featuring information relating to the brand. The video channel are also on Twitter and YouTube.

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