WATCH – The B1M ES officially launched, Spanish subtitles available for three videos

Spain 2

¿Hablas español? Si es así, estás de suerte.

Spanish speakers that want to digest more Building Information Modelling content are in luck, as The B1M are supplying just that.

The B1M ES is the definite BIM resource’s new Spanish division that will be translating The B1M’s biggest and best videos so that they are accessible to the wider architecture, engineering and construction communities.

Subtitles in general are not a new service from The B1M. Currently, all of The B1M’s videos have English language subtitles for the hearing impaired or those in open plan offices or on public transport.

The expansion to the Spanish speaking network of professionals is a natural next step to take, what with Spain’s 2018 BIM mandate plans beginning to gain serious exposure across the globe. The Spanish Government’s Minister of Development, Ana Pastor is leading the way, having announced the mandatory deadlines and set up a BIM implementation committee.

buildingSMART Spain are also heavily involved with the mandate, and believe that helping SMEs will be of most importance. They hope to use their work to help Latin American countries adopt BIM nationally in the future.

Spain’s provisional timetable for mandatory BIM implementation on public sector, public construction and infrastructure projects is as follows: March 2018 for public sector projects; December 2018 for public construction works; and July 2019 is the timeframe for mandated infrastructure BIM developments.

Speaking to BIMcrunch exclusively, The B1M’s Founding Director Fred Mills explained why the Spanish language was The B1M’s first linguistic expansion: “57% of our audience and some 60% of YouTube’s viewership are foreign language speakers so if we’re going to see mass-uptake of BIM, we need to make our content more accessible to them. Spanish is a natural first choice for us given the recent mandate in Spain and the fact that its widely spoken across Latin America.

“We’re lucky to have an engaged audience across six continents that share our passion for BIM. We’ve currently got several volunteers around the world working to convert our transcripts into the spoken language of their country. If you’d would like to help us, get in touch!”

Someone who is passionate about The B1M ES project is Iria Carreira, BIM Coordinator at Lend Lease. She tweeted:

Three videos thus far are available to view with Spanish subtitles, and the playlist of those particular visuals can be viewed below. Follow The B1M ES project on Twitter – @TheB1MES.

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