WATCH – GRAPHISOFT users discuss power of Open BIM


A trio of videos have been released by GRAPHISOFT that look at the power of utilising ARCHICAD for Open BIM workflows across a collection of different architecture practices.

POLYFORM, BIM Equity and BIG are the three companies featured, and each comes from a different angle as to why an Open BIM approach has had a significant effect on their business.

Open BIM is a universal program initiated by GRAPHISOFT and Tekla to promote the benefits of collaboration within the AEC community, based on open standards and no limitations to workflow.

“As an architect, it’s important for us to use tools that suit us in our way to design,” stated Christoffer Lissau Lund of POLYFORM. “[Open BIM] gives a whole new way to look at how we build.”

BIG’s BIM Manager, Jakob Andreassen agrees with Lund in that Open BIM enables his firm to work freely in the way that they want and that suits them: “The architecture of BIG is often described as architecture alchemy where we combines classic ingredients like living, working, parking, shopping into new entities creating new value and providing new architectural solutions for contemporary living.

“Our favourite design tool currently is Rhino. This can however be a challenge to bring downstream into BIM solutions. We are currently working together with GRAPHISOFT to provide a plug-in for both ARCHICAD and Rhino so that we will be able to link geometry and data from both software into each other giving us the best from both.”

Another architects who believe Open BIM is the answer to link tech platforms is BIM Equity: “We saw a huge struggle for architects using their BIM software before, and now we see that the most creative offices in Denmark are moving to ARCHICAD,” said Thomas Graabaek, Partner at BIM Equity.

“An Open BIM approach makes it easier to share knowledge with the engineer and integrate with other software like Rhino and Grasshopper.”

Watch all three visuals below.

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