WATCH – Elecosoft release videos from Asta Powerproject National User Forum 2015

BIM Academy's John Lorimer. Credit: Elecosoft
BIM Academy’s John Lorimer. Credit: Elecosoft

In what was the biggest group of users of Elecosoft’s Asta Powerproject to date, around 300 construction industry leaders gathered together at the British Museum for the Asta Powerproject National User Forum 2015, an event looking at ways of driving more successful projects and to understand how BIM has the potential to transform the industry.

As we all know, the forthcoming UK Government mandate for Level 2 BIM comes into play early next year and the topic is set to spark continued debate.

A powerful keynote session by John Lorimer, Chair of BIM Academy, gave everyone pause for thought. He laid out a compelling argument for BIM as a driver of digital evolution for the construction industry, akin to other general purpose technologies which changed industries, such as steam or mass production.

Taking a tour through some landmark examples of BIM in practice, such as the Manchester Library and Sydney Opera House, only served to reinforce the message of change and show how BIM is becoming core not only to construction, but to ongoing asset and facilities management. To get an idea of how the keynote went, watch the video below.

Rusty Hamilton, President of Catalyst USA Inc., along with Jim Dawkins from Elecosoft LLC, added American examples of great project planning in a significant market which is embracing Asta Powerproject very rapidly, and which will soon benefit from a fresh software edition tailored to its unique needs. The US market is one that is very dynamic and one which enables much learning from some very big budget projects. Get some insights into our American construction cousins below.

It is indisputable that BIM has a lot of potential as a driver of dramatic change in construction. Listening back to John’s comments you’ll get some great arguments as to why we need to fully get on board to fully realise the industry-changing benefits it will bring.

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