WATCH – Digital COM focuses on BIM for lifecycle management

Credit: Digital COM
Credit: Digital COM

Bluebeam‘s Sasha Reed is back with another episode of Digital COM, the popular video interview series that gets to the bottom of a variety of Building Information Modelling hot topics.

Balfour Beatty Assistant Process Manager, Jason Chappell and VDC Process Manager, Ryan Lawrence chat with Sasha fresh them their joint presentation on site logistic plans at BIMForum, an event held twice a year in the United States.

Discussing the large amount of professionals from design backgrounds who are now joining general contractors instead of architecture practices and what impact this is having in regards to having contractors become better BIM equipped, the process managers state:

“I’d argue [laughs] that half of our education in architecture is about layout, formatting, presenting work so communication is all about presenting work,” explained Chappell. How can I develop something where at a glance, someone can pick up the information I’m intending them to pull out of it and take that out to the job site and use it?

Lawrence elaborates stating: “I think you’re seeing a lot more people coming out of architecture schools and going to work for general contractors. Even as a general contractor, we’re looking to architecture schools and seeing a lot of value in terms of the things that they are learning and the skills that they can bring to the construction side.”

The pair also discuss lifecycle management with Sasha, and how site logistic plans are evolving and what impact that is having on BIM processes.

Watch the complete visual below.

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