WATCH – Delivering High Speed Two With BIM: The B1M release new video

Credit: HS2
Credit: HS2

Following their three videos posted last week which were all filmed at the latest London BIM Region event, another class – this time conducted at Digital Construction Week 2015 – has been posted in its entirety by The B1M.

Andrew McNaughton‘s keynote ‘Delivering major projects with digital infrastructure in mind‘ relating to High Speed Two was today uploaded in full, complete with hi-res graphical content featured in Andrew’s presentation.

“BIM enables us to prove that what we are proposing is reliable, because if it’s not reliable, it’s not worth building,” stated McNaughton. It also tells us that the basis of which we do business with our supply chain starts with quality. The most measurable aspect of a lot of quality is reliability.

“That’s critical because what we do now, will be judged by people not yet born. And that’s quite the challenge.”

The graphic featured at the top of our story also paints quite the picture of the objectives the HS2 team are setting out to achieve. The elements in blues and purples signify the digital railway being created virtually, testing that each aspect of HS2’s proposed plan will go to plan, be reliable and of high quality. Below is “a road to hell”, building a rail network in an old fashioned way with cost saving at the forefront of importance.

“What we want to do is build a virtual railway,” adds Andrew. “We also want to operate a virtual railway, we want to maintain a virtual railway and develop it over its lifecycle. Only when we have proven that in a virtual environment will we then go near a shovel.

“Everything about the operation and maintenance has to be off one Common Data Environment. What we’re building today is the BIM platform of which every aspect of High Speed Two will operate.”

Interestingly, McNaughton also reveals that the one project who have really helped HS2 with its development is Crossrail. Learn more on that, plus our other points raised in the video below.

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