WATCH – BuiltWorlds step foot inside of the world’s biggest BIM cave

Credit: BuiltWorlds
Credit: BuiltWorlds

Ever wondered what it is like to step inside the world’s biggest BIM cave?

Whilst we cannot replicate that experience today, built environment network BuiltWorlds offered a glimpse of that very experience in a new video posted to their YouTube channel.

In the US group’s latest visual, the BW Roadtrip continues and the team visited College Station, Texas. Filmed at the city’s A&M University, the video spotlights happenings that took place at the Demo Night: South industry event too.

Before the event kicked off, the clip look at the largest BIM cave on the planet, situated at the University. “This bad boy was impressive. 40 curved screens mounted together and powered by dozens of servers to create an immersive experience directly in-front of and around you.

Augmented and virtual reality solutions are in abundance at the evening event, and one delegate believes that “there is great opportunity to apply [those] to many industries including the built environment. We agree!

Certainly not a video to pass over, take a look at BuiltWorld’s latest BW Roadtrip below.

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