WATCH – BIM Q&A leads influx of BIMForum video content

Credit: BIMForum
Credit: BIMForum

A gargantuan collection of visual content captured at October’s BIMForum event in Orlando, US has been uploaded for the Building Information Modelling community to engage with.

A grand total of 35 videos have been released by BIMForum organisers, amounting to a staggering twelve and a half hours of conference content!

Headlining this BIM treasure trove of engaging media added to BIMForum’s official YouTube channel over the past few days is a Q&A panel discussion conducted on the symposium’s second morning of October 21st, 2015. One delegate asks about how many members is necessary within a compotent virtual design and construction (VDC) team.

Jason McFadden of Barton Malow Company believes that a specific team is not necessary, as all of his engineering team have the required skillset to work successful within a BIM process.

“We don’t have a VDC team on the Daytona project. These tools are just tools to better build the project,” explained McFadden. “All of our project engineers and project managers are capable of using the various technology. That’s the key to making our project successful, it’s providing tools that allow teams to be efficient but don’t require necessarily more people to click the buttons.”

Matthew Jogan of Ghafari Associates also gave his thoughts on the topic: “My view is that you want the smallest VDC team as possible; not because they’re not valued, it’s because you want to make sure that the content owners, all the players on that team have that direct knowledge.

“We’re still in a period of time where we encounter companies where you don’t have that, but I believe ten years from now, the VDC team may go away because it’s an ingrained knowledge within the companies.”

Access BIMForum’s YouTube channel by clicking here, and watch the aforementioned video below.

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