The B1M to film D-Construct episode at SkyTech Expo 2016

Credit: SkyTech, The B1M
Credit: SkyTech, The B1M

The B1M have announced another live location for a future episode of their technology review video series, D-Construct; they’re heading to the SkyTech Expo 2016.

SkyTech is taking place on January 27th-28th, 2016 at the Business Design Centre in London, UK, and is a tradeshow dedicated to advancing the European commercial drone industry. How UAVs – or Unmanned Aerial Systems – can positively impact Building Information Modelling workflows is a topic of conversation growing on a daily basis, and this event will examine that very trend.

Following an episode filmed at Digital Construction Week 2015, the BIMcrunch media partnered drone conference will have an even stronger BIM presence what with The B1M and their collaborators BaseStone on-board for the unmanned aerial ride.

The conference programme has been announced, and will be split into UAV Applications, UAV Industry, UAV Survey Conferences and Beginner Workshops. We can also confirm that the speakers will be unveiled tomorrow, and there will be a series of BIM-related presentations on offer.

For more information on The B1M’s next D-Construct venture and SkyTech’s offering, read the official press release below.

How to inject life into something that can be considered as dry as wallpaper? Well, as wallpaper enthusiasts may point out, a measure of passion and energy goes a long way to convince someone that your obsessions can easily be theirs. Subjects are often defined by their rhetoric – how we say something is no less important as what we say, creating the terms of engagement that will either make an idea seem fresh and achievable, or as stale and uninviting as a bag of chips in the rain.

Luckily for those getting up to speed with the latest trends in construction, The B1M is taking the former approach. Billed as “the definitive video resource for BIM”, it’s an online platform is for anyone intimidated by industry techno-speak, and is very perceptive of delivery style that has flourished in the YouTube generation.

Conceived over a coffee between two school friends (Tom Payne, a be-hatted video producer, and Fred Mills, a construction devotee), the site was envisioned as a point of reference for architects, labourers, lecturers and students to wrap their heads around BIM’s intricacies, without sanitising the real-world benefits that follow the software’s application. From an off-beat beginning, the website and its accompanying video channel have attracted a worldwide audience by dispensing crucial information on the who, what and where of BIM practises.

Ever wondered out loud how BIM can help contractors on the job, or what BIM-related acronyms actually mean, to a roomful of sneering/confused developers? Well, fret no longer – keeping tabs on Payne and Mills’ uploads will arm you with enough knowledge to shame your contemporaries, daily, on a subject that more people should have a clearer grasp of.

What’s refreshing about The B1M is its appeal for the younger bracket of the construction industry. Mills, in an interview with The Building Centre this year, claimed over 60% of the channel’s audience is under 35. His partner Payne has an ice-cool pedigree in various media and freelancing positions. Together, they are a winning double act, combining the insight from Mills’ project work at Osborne, a family-run construction firm, with Payne’s clean, artistic production skills.

Some of their videos have the intuitive flavour of typical internet list-a-thons (‘Top 3 BIM Myths Dispelled’ is a good one) or sit in on TED-ish talks from industry speakers, all of them thoroughly hashtagged and categorised on their website. A video is uploaded every Wednesday without fail. The graphics they use are informative, but avoid dense clusters of numbers and flow charts. Mills and Payne speak to the camera head-on in crisp black and white. There’s even a review show, D-Construct, finding its feet in the slew of content. For a platform that’s only been around for a handful of years, it’s quite remarkable what the pair have achieved.

Since BIM has such potential for the ‘Smart’ (with a capital ‘S’) cities we’re often told are around the corner, disseminating these morsels of expertise to a wider audience than expected is surely a fantastic thing in and of itself. Great causes need great champions, and with The B1M on its side, the quest for structurally and environmentally sound development will pick up more disciples as it goes on.

The B1M will be filming an episode of D-Construct at SkyTech 2016 in the Business Design Centre London in January 27th & 28th:

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