Spanish Association of Security Companies discuss BIM in 2015 annual meeting

Credit: Forbes
Credit: Forbes

The announcement of Spain‘s 2018 Building Information Modelling mandate and the formation of the government’s BIM implementation committee has certainly ignited a fire amongst professionals within the country.

Spain’s BIM adopting future has spurred on Asociación Española de Empresas de Seguridad (AES), a.k.a the Spanish Association of Security Companies.

In their annual meeting that took place on November 12th, the committee members discussed “burning issues” such as BIM implementation.

Speaking to Casadomo, AES’ Executive Director, Paloma Velasco said of the meeting: “We discussed such burning issues as claims against security firms for their liability, the new infrastructure in transport, combating late payment or the implementation of BIM technology. We are happy because it is being very well received by our companies.”

In response to why it is important for the AES to become involved within technological building processes, Velasco replied: “We want to move our businesses, which are mainly technological businesses, and make them see that the introduction of intelligent buildings or [the] internet [of] things are the future, and [we] must be prepared to face it and take advantage of it.”

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