Skanska complete £5m BIM project for Polish social insurance company ZUS

Credit: Skanska
Credit: Skanska

International construction company Skanska have utilised Building Information Modelling to complete new offices for Poland‘s social insurance institution – Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych (ZUS).

The 30.5m zł (£5.2m) project took just less than two years to complete with construction concluding on the Lodz-based site in October 2015.

ZUS’ Division of Disability Determination Services will be based within the building, which is 21m high with five floors.

Bartholomew Adamczuk of Skanska stated that BIM “helped coordinate the installation work”, perhaps referencing to the complete ICT infrastructure implemented into the building.

Skanska’s Sylwester Lewandowski commented further: “Customers will have easy access to the hall of customer service and medical examiners both through reception, and in the side halls on the ground floor.”

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