RTC Europe AUDIO: What piece of advice would you have for non-BIM adopters?

Credit: RTC
Credit: RTC

What piece of advice would you have for non-BIM adopters?

Whilst attending RTC Europe 2015 in Budapest, Hungary from October 29th – 31st, BIMcrunch captured opinions from committee members, delegates and speakers alike about various topics related to the industry.

We have already released comments regarding problems we as an industry are facing, and why RTC Europe as a conference stands out from the crowd.

For our final exclusive audio instalment, we thought to pick the brains of those in attendance and ask them to give their top tips of those dragging their heels and not yet adopting Building Information Modelling. We got advice from some of the best in the business, and you can listen to what they had to say below.

Angi Izzi – Autodesk

Anthony Hauck – Autodesk

John Paul Mann – TMS

Kelli Lubeley – JLL

Lee Watanabe-Crockett – Global Digital Citizen Foundation

Peter Debney and Rhys Lewis – Oasys Software

Silvia Taurer – LivingRoomCraftZ, RTC Committee

Wesley Benn – ADDglobal, RTC Committee

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