Pipe manufacturer Wavin discuss BIM transition

Credit: Wavin
Credit: Wavin

Irish pipe manufacturer Wavin have discussed the transition of their products into Building Information Modelling format.

A longtime CAD user, Wavin are now “embracing the BIM revolution”, according to Irish Building Magazine. The company outlined their strategy in the article, explaining that they are making a “huge investment”, ensuring their international products are available to be implemented into 3D models first.

Wavin’s Country Director for Ireland Michael O’Donohoe explained: “Wavin is embracing BIM at every level and at every opportunity. BIM is the future – right across Europe there is BIM compliance legislation coming into play in the construction sector. This is good for the construction industry and it is good for manufacturers like us.

“We are making a huge investment in BIM to make sure we have BIM-compatible drawings for all Wavin products, firstly with our international products, then with local products, such as those that are only sold on the Irish market.”

“For us it is important to grasp this opportunity and to make it easier for architects and engineers to specify our products, especially because of the iterative nature of design drawings – once an architect specifies a particular product for a particular job, they tend to specify that product again and again in future.”

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