Østfold Hospital Kalnes BIM project in Norway now completed

Norweigan Hospital

Open BIM has been championed as part of a recently completed hospital in Norway.

A “comprehensive and complex” Building Information Modelling project, it has been reported that Østfold Hospital Kalnes is now open.

The development has been praised following a “quantum leap” in employee involvement from the clients, with staff set to work at the hospital being able to view the room they would be working in, influencing design.

The 89,000m² development is based in Grålum was designed by Arkitema/ELN Architects and AART Architects, who utilised BIM to usher in a more efficient construction process. The hospital won an industry award for its open BIM prowess and has been named one of the largest construction projects in Norway, so the heightened efficiency and other benefits certainly showcased the importance of BIM adoption and what it can lead to.

“The project is the first digital project of such a comprehensive and complex character in Norway and Denmark,” said Anne Guri Grimsby, partner at Arkitema/ELN Architects. “With the 3D model each employee could see the rooms they would be working in and at the same time be an influence on the optimal layout.”

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