Do Lithuanian planners lack skills in BIM and calculating energy performance?

Credit: SPSC
Credit: SPSC

The Director of Lithuania‘s Building Project Certifications Center (SPSC) has highlighted several weak links halting the country’s progression when it comes to constructing energy efficient buildings.

Robertas Encius spoke with Lrytas about a new legislation that will enforce all new builds to meet A-class energy efficiency, and how the country’s professionals can reach the ambitious target.

Building Information Modelling can certainly help monitor the energy efficiency of buildings and their assets, but do Lithuanian architects, contractors and planners have the necessary skills to get the most from BIM? Encius isn’t so sure.

“Contractors, subcontractors – not all are ready to work on the new building information model. However, the weak link is still design. It’s [about] designers who do not have technical equipment. Many planners still lack skills in building information modelling. Not all designers [have] grasped calculating the energy performance of buildings, [the] subtleties and specifics.”

Lithuania are struggling with their productivity too. We reported how the goverment are considering the utilisation of BIM to address this, as Lithuania’s labour productivity is only 52% of that of the EU average. Kestutis Trečiokas, the Minister for Environment agrees with Encius, stating that a skills shortage and inadequate construction methods are reasons to why Lithuania is not reaching it’s potential.

To the read the full interview with SPSC’s Robertas Encius, click here.

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