Latest PBC Today release: UK Government’s Hansford looks at 3 ‘key BIM pillars’

Credit: PBC Today
Credit: PBC Today

The latest edition of PBC Today features an astounding 97 pages of Building Information Modelling related content, including an interview with the BIM Task Group‘s David Philp regarding Digital Built Britain and the Scottish BIM Delivery Group, a first-person piece from UK Government’s Peter Hansford and an update on the ICE‘s BIM Action Group from buildingSMART‘s Anne Kemp.

The aforementioned Hansford is the government’s Chief Construction Adviser. His tenure working for Her Majesty’s Government is coming to a close, so he gave a retrospective look at how the United Kingdom has become a world leader concerning BIM implementation.

He said that the UK’s plan as a nation allowed them to become a “real tour de force”, with the BIM Task Group striking a “right balance” for clients and the supply chain. Elaborating, Peter wrote: “We had a first class adoption plan. This work was led by Mark Bew and was a real tour de force. It struck the right balance between the client and the supply chain’s aspiration and ability to adopt BIM within the short time frame.

“Without this structured approach it is likely that the BIM adoption would have been slower and less predictable.”

Despite the UK’s fantastic start towards Level 2 and beyond, Peter also stated that it is too early to claim success: “Success should mean sustained success and at the present time we are still pushing and pulling the ball up the hill. Without us maintaining our efforts and achieving the government’s commitment to the 2016 mandate, it is quite possible that the push and pull would stop and that the ball would begin to slip back.

“It is dangerous to predict technology direction in the future but what can be said is that we are only beginning to understand BIM’s true potential.”

Credit: BaseStone
Credit: BaseStone

Elsewhere in the magazine, buildingSMART UK‘s Anne Kemp – who is also Chair of the ICE BIM Action Group – spoke of the Group’s latest efforts. She detailed the Group’s discussions with Nathan Baker, Director of Engineering and Knowledge at ICE. She said that the team will be working closely with Baker over the next few months to ensure the BIM process is understood and implemented across the ICE.

“Thought leadership only comes when there is a growing consensus in the development of a common language”, explained Kemp. “We are seeing this more and more through the BIM Regional Hubs and the BIM4 groups, but again, as an industry we need to pull together. It’s no good thinking that someone else will do it – the advocacy needs to come from the grass-roots to support the grass-roots. Leadership comes from each of us as individuals.”

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