Exclusive First-Look Photo Gallery: RTC Europe 2015

Credit: RTC
Credit: RTC

Were you unable to attend RTC Europe 2015 and felt like you missed out on a wealth of knowledge sharing and networking? Well unfortunately you did, but you can still get a taste of what the grandiose experience was like in our first-look photo gallery.

As Media Partner, we have been granted exclusivity to host a selection of official photographs captured during the event’s various festivities.

Images from keynote speeches, labs, the gala dinner held at the Hungarian Railway Museum and even some of the horsing around at Lazar Equestrian Park (the pictures will explain everything) are included in our gallery below for your perusal. If you spot yourselves, make sure to send us a tweet or leave a comment below.

If you wish for more RTC Europe content to reflect upon, then you can listen to exclusive audio interviews we conducted whilst at the Corinthia Hotel in Budapest, Hungary. You can hear delegates, speakers and committee members discuss why RTC Europe stands out from the crowd, and what is one key issue that holds our industry back.

View our exclusive gallery below. We will keep you informed as to when the complete gallery is released via the RTC committee.



More audio and a review of RTC Europe 2015 are on their way too, so ensure you check back for more updates soon.

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