Exclusive Comment: Construction Computing Awards discuss ceremony’s 10th anniversary, controversial entertainment

Credit: Construction Computing Awards
Credit: Construction Computing Awards

Last Thursday (November 19th, 2015), the tenth annual Construction Computing Awards were held in London, and it is safe to say that event was much-discussed.

The big winners on the night were GRAPHISOFT UK, who picked up awards three awards: Company of the Year, BIM Product of the Year for ARCHICAD 19 and BIM Project of the Year. To top off the tremendous showing for the software brand, they were named runner-up in the Product of the Year category and were also runner-up for BIM Project of the Year, the award they won!

Other major winners were Asite, who won Product of the Year, and OasysMassMotion Flow which received the Editor’s Choice commendation.

Discussing the awards, we spoke to the awards’ Event Director, Josh Boulton. He recapped the awards and told us exclusively: “It was our biggest event to date, with over 250 people there on the night. It was our tenth anniversary and we would like to send a big thanks to those who attended and our supporters.”

Whilst there was a lot to celebrate last Thursday evening, one aspect of the event caused major controversy on social media. A comedian booked as entertainment left many of the room shocked with sexist rhetoric in his routine. Some of those in attendance left the venue as a result of the comedy on display. Commenting on the situation, Mr. Boulton stated to us:

“We are a small team, and we are absolutely devastated about this. Some of the routine on the night was not what we had seen before and we sincerely apologise to anyone who was offended by the comedian. Two people did walk out, and we apologised to them swiftly on Twitter. Those people have kindly accepted our apologies on social media and we will work hard to ensure that an instance like this does not happen again.”

A positive that came from the fallout of the old-fashioned act include a fantastic, insightful blog post from Su Butcher. If you have not yet read Su’s piece, we encourage you to do so and give your thoughts on the subject of sexism within the construction industry. Click here to read Su’s thoughts.

A recap of all the winners from the Construction Computing Awards 2015 can be found on the official website.

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