Clarkson Alliance select Elecosoft Bidcon BIM as chosen cost management platform

Credit: Clarkson Alliance
Credit: Clarkson Alliance

Project delivery consultancy Clarkson Alliance have announce details of their newest business relationship with Elecosoft, a deal that will see the former utilise the latter’s cost management platform.

Elecosoft’s Bidcon BIM product will be implemented by Clarkson Alliance for BIM related cost information and will help support Clarkson’s new cost consulting services. By using Bidcon BIM, Clarkson Alliance can carry out some of the BIM-related work for their clients, many of which are just beginning to immerse themselves in BIM workflows.

Clarkson Alliance conducted analysis of a plethora of available cost management solutions, yet they thought Bidcon BIM offered more than rival products. According to a statement from Elecosoft, “Bidcon BIM stood out as having every essential requirement to enable the company to deliver cost management, value management and collaborative BIM project support”.

What attributes does Bidcon BIM possess that made Clarkson select it as their preferred platform?

• Built-in New Rules of Measurement library, enabling NRM1 and NRM2 based outputs
• Fully integrated Spon’s Price Books database – providing access to the construction industry’s most trusted pricing database from directly within the product
• Pricing database customisation – enabling the company to augment the pricing database with its bespoke and negotiated prices
• Easy to integrate with existing spreadsheet-based cost models and templates
• Cloud-supported via the Elecosoft BIMCloud, enabling consultants to work anywhere

“Our new cost consulting service allows customers to bring project data to us in any form – either traditional or from a BIM model – and we can work with them to deliver consistent, reliable cost plans,” explained David Chapell, Head of Cost Management at Clarkson Alliance.

“Information needs to be produced in a useful format whatever software they choose to use. We knew that fully integrated cost management for BIM projects would be essential – and Bidcon BIM was an easy choice.”

Jason Ruddle, Elecosoft’s Managing Director also commented: “We are always delighted when customers perceive the true strategic value that our software solutions can have. BIM is changing our industry, and driving collaborative working between disciplines – yet, until Bidcon BIM, we felt that cost estimators and quantity surveyors were at some disadvantage. Not any longer.”

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