CEO of Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope: BIM is helping industry develop a “uniform language”

Credit: Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope
Credit: Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope

The Chief Executive Officer of a US manufacturer has expressed his belief that Building Information Modelling is helping bring the industry together.

The US Glass News Network has reported on comments made by Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope‘s Ted Hathaway at the Dodge Outlook Conference in Washington, D.C. last week. He was joined by other building products leaders on a panel that focused on how they have taken advantage of an upturn in the economy.

The article notes that Hathaway said that BIM is helping the industry develop a more “uniform language” and that it “really is an opportunity to become much more efficient, much smarter.”

OBE’s CEO explained that the firm have been “deeply committed to BIM over the last seven years”, so they are most definitely early adopters.

The skills deficit was also addressed. Hathaway described hiring those with the necessary skillset as “the war for talent” adding that maintaining that talent is another difficult task, an opinion shared by Kath Fontana.

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