Cadvantage release “Adoption of BIM by Architects 2015” report


Marketing consultancy Competitive Advantage – or Cadvantage – have released their latest report, looking at the Building Information Modelling adoption patterns of 100 of the United Kingdom‘s leading architecture practices.

Adoption of BIM by Architects 2015 is priced at £350, but snippets of the statistical findings have been previewed. Voltimum have published some of the results, and they are interesting to say the least.

Only 37% of those surveyed could name a product manufacturer they would class as having released good content and support to BIM users. Considering an abundance of manufacturers have BIM content available on their own websites, plus three large content creation and hosting platforms coexist in the UK, that figure is perhaps lower than expected considering the Government’s April 4th, 2016 deadline is right around the corner.

Sticking with manufacturers, the report also states that most architects who answered will first visit a manufacturer’s own website to look for BIM object downloads. However, hosting websites are “the preferred location for sourcing BIM objects”.

“As the industry is still learning to use BIM it is difficult for the manufacturer to know what support they should provide,” explained Chris Ashworth, Cadvantage’s Managing Director. “It is to be hoped that BIM will enable greater collaboration between manufacturer and the design team at an earlier stage in the design process.

“Our research provides insight into the level of BIM adoption, software used and preferences for BIM content by leading architects. It also provides detail of those manufacturers that are perceived to provide good BIM support. This is valuable information for those seeking opportunity through BIM.”

Other figures revealed show that 70% of architects will operate within a BIM workflow by 2019, a very exciting and promising piece of information.

Chris Ashworth has published a video, explaining more about the report and its findings. View that below.

Click here to learn more about the report.

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