Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies to debate BIM for public sector works tomorrow

Credit: Shutterstock
Credit: Shutterstock

Câmara dos Deputados, Brazil‘s Chamber of Deputies and one of National Congress’ federal legislative bodies will meet tomorrow to discuss utilising Building Information Modelling workflows for public sector projects.

Jornal Do Brasil reports that government officials believe BIM adoption could spell the end of several unfinished projects across the country due inefficiency in the management of budgets.

The Urban Development Commission of the Chamber of Deputies will debate the introduction of public sector projects BIM according to the story, so perhaps a potential mandate is on the horizon?

“Simply put, BIM technologies allow virtual models [to] anticipate much of the implementation problems, as well as providing effective monitoring of the costs and schedule of works”, stated Julio Lopes, President of the UDC.

Lopes believes that as a nation, Brazil really needs to address efficiency, safety and sustainability, and adopting BIM is “essential” and an “unavoidable challenge” to help achieve those goals: “For the country to carry out a radical change in this scenario it is essential to adopt new conceptions of work and, accordingly, the adoption of BIM methodology is [an] unavoidable challenge.

“For effective and transparent public management, it is essential [for] modernity and efficiency in construction management on operational, tactical and strategic levels.”

The agenda for the meeting, plus the names of those attending can be accessed via this link.

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