BIM Solutions Latvia: “BIM should be a compulsory prerequisite for socially significant buildings”


The CEO of a Latvian Building Information Modelling consultancy has called for the process to be compulsory on all major building projects in his home country.

Speaking at BIM Forum Riga 2015, Eriks Vitols of BIM Solutions Latvia believes that BIM should be utilised across a wider number of projects due to allowing for projects to become “more transparent and more efficient”.

Speaking with, Vitols said: “We believe that BIM technology should be a compulsory prerequisite for local sites and socially significant buildings in the coming years.”

The event also saw Policy Expert for the Latvian Sustainable Building Council, Pēteris Druķis send a stark message to non-adopting SMEs. He said that small to medium businesses must adapt to market requirements such as digital design and project management, otherwise they will have to “significantly narrow or even terminate their activity”.

Find out more of what was discussed at the event here.

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