BIM adopted for expansion of Korea’s Daejeon Station

Credit: Haniel Francesca
Credit: Haniel Francesca

A train station located within South Korea‘s first high-speed rail network is to be expanded with the help of Building Information Modelling.

The South Korea Rail Network Authority (KR)‘s division within Chungcheong province will utilise the technological process to redevelop Daejeon Station. The Korea Train Express (KTX) stop will be enlarged to accommodate the development of a new cross-city line and the commuters it will attract.

KR’s KTX infrastructure was completed in 2004, with the creation of six brand new stations which would be connected to four existing stations that would run KTX services alongside their other established travel options. A further section was added in 2010, and now the next phase of construction is centred around urban areas of Daejeon.

According to DTNews24, once this next wave of development is completed, significant congestion as a result of the inconvenient, narrow waiting rooms will be alleviated.

The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2016.

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