Bentley Systems want “owners to care about” BIM for asset management

Credit: Bentley Systems
Credit: Bentley Systems

Bentley Systems‘ COO has called on industry to “care about asset management”, describing this challenging process as “missionary work”.

Malcolm Walter was interviewed by Infrastructure Intelligence and said that encouraging the Building Information Modelling community to care about utilising BIM for asset management “is exactly the conversation” going on.

He said: “That is exactly the conversation. The degree of receptivity is related to the sophistication of the users and what is going on in their surrounding environment. In the UK it is comparatively easy as it is in much of the developed world. But elsewhere we are often speaking a different language – it is missionary work.

“We still have a lot of business being done in the world in 2D so it takes time. But asset owners will start to realise that they can more competitively operate their assets.”

Walter praised the UK in the interview too, explaining that the country’s mandate made BIM “a global conversation”: “The fundamental shift for me was when the UK mandated the use of BIM. That made it a global conversation. When the UK government said here is your five year notice it created a conversation everywhere. That was the number one game changer.”

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