Audio Exclusive: Paul Swaddle discusses BIM for Dummies target audience, range of content

Credit: Twitter (@bondbryanBIM)
Credit: Twitter (@bondbryanBIM)

This Thursday (November 19th, 2015), the latest episode of Crunch Time will debut, the audio interview series that helps you get to know members of the global Building Information Modelling community on both a professional and personal basis.

This week’s instalment features NBS/RIBA Enterprises‘ Head of Business Solutions, Paul Swaddle. BIMcrunch Editor Jack White takes the opportunity to talk about Paul’s latest successful venture, as co-author of BIM for Dummies, the latest in the educational “for Dummies” book series and the first dedicated to Building Information Modelling.

Creating the team of authors, analysing the content, Paul’s past experience as a technical author and whether the book will primarily focus on the UK as opposed to the rest of the world are all topics raised within the interview, and the conversation also references the future of the BIM industry following the UK Government’s Level 2 BIM mandate.

With industry chatter now going beyond Level 2 and shifting to the likes of Digital Built Britain, and processes and workflows to utilise alongside BIM such as Big Data, Smart Cities and the Internet of Things, how much prevalence do those have within BIM for Dummies? Will the book just focus on the basics of Building Information Modelling, or will it provide food for thought regarding a wider, technological landscape?

Find out in the interview preview snippet below.

BIM for Dummies is available to buy now. Visit Amazon to purchase your copy.

In the meantime until the full interview is released, make sure to follow BIM for Dummies authors Paul Swaddle, Stefan Mordue and David Philp on Twitter. Do so by clicking their respective names.

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