WATCH – The B1M explain 6D BIM, discuss FM in latest video

Credit: The B1M
Credit: The B1M

The definition of six-dimensional Building Information Modelling is the subject of the latest informative video from The B1M.

Fred Mills is in-front of the camera in the latest clip that tackles what 6D BIM actually entails. With the fourth dimension of cost and the fifth dimension of time added to a Building Information Model, what is the sixth aspect all about?

“Taking it one step further and adding information on the expected lifespan and maintenance requirements of a component to support facilities management is what we call 6D BIM”, explains Mills in the visual released earlier today. “That data can include details about the component’s manufacturer, when it was installed, the necessary maintenance it requires and when, how to operate it at it’s optimum level to enhance performance or conserve energy and its expected lifespan.”

The video also explains that when working to 6D BIM, this does not mean that professionals are working at BIM Level 6. This is a common misconception and actually, 6D BIM falls under BIM Level 2.

Fred elaborates on how important 6D BIM can be, explaining that it can lead to, in construction terms, “the holy grail”: “When maintenance [of a component] does occur, or where an asset is extended, refurbished or remodelled, operators can update the information model with the relevant points about that event. Having this available is especially powerful when creating similar built assets in the future.

“It enables design teams to hone proposals accordingly based on real, in-use data. And in construction terms, that’s kind of the holy grail.”

Finally, a future instalment from The B1M is teased, and Fred hints that an upcoming video will relate to handing over a digital model to an end-user.

Watch the video below.

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