WATCH – The B1M consider what business will be like for BIM non-adopters

Credit: The B1M
Credit: The B1M

The B1M‘s latest upload posted earlier today looks at what may happen to the architecture, engineering and construction professionals and businesses who put Building Information Modelling adoption to the back of their minds and continue to go on as normal ignoring it.

Whilst initial costs implementing BIM may be high and the amount of seemingly-complex acronyms may be plentiful, those aren’t big enough reasons not to do your research and understand the benefits of BIM adoption. The latest video presented by Fred Mills is certainly a useful tool to view if you are considering life without BIM. Our advice? Don’t.

Fred shares our viewpoint, looking at ways a lack of BIM implementation will impact individuals, architectural businesses and product manufacturers. Fred ponders: “What will happen if you don’t do BIM? For the first few days, you won’t even notice it. You might even feel like a huge weight has been lifted from your shoulders. But then it will start to get you.

“You’ll find that things start changing around you. You’ll find that you’re just not as efficient as you used to be. Other people are designing better buildings than you, getting praised for more accurate programmes and generally getting on better with their teams due to a more collaborative way of working.

“You might find that you’re not allocated to the project you really wanted because it needed a strong BIM team and the new girl, well, she’s just got more experience than you. Of course, the repercussions for individuals are tough but to an extent, people are shielded by the organisations they work for. Unfortunately, the fate awaiting those organisations themselves is far more brutal.”

Watch the complete video below.

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