WATCH – Sasha Reed and David Fano discuss BIM data, new roles need creating?

Credit: Bluebeam
Credit: Bluebeam

Bluebeam Software have released their latest Digital COM video looking at the value of analytics to building owners.

Filmed at BIMForum in San Diego, US earlier this year, Bluebeam’s V.P of Strategic Alliance Sasha Reed is the host, speaking with David Fano of WeWork. Fano was formerly the CEO of Case but is now CTO at WeWork following their purchase of his company.

Sasha questions David on topics such as talking with an owner and getting exactly what they need, the importance of analytics and how someone in David’s line of work would help define deliverables for clients.

The former Crunch Time interviewee also probes David on a new role that he mentioned within his presentation. Fano believes that a new role within a company needs to be created for someone who can interact with the analytics. Responding to Sasha’s query, David explained:

“I’m really glad you used the word role; it’s not that their needs to be a new position, there needs to be a new role. The same person can fill multiple roles so it’s creating clear boundaries around this role which is being the information steward, the person that is making sure that data is correct so that downstream decisions can be made with certainty.

“There is a lot of thought that this passive data “It’s in the model, it’s all good” and that’s just not true. There’s decision that get made about how that data gets created and then how it can be used. Someone needs to be making sure that the information can be used for downstream business processes. It’s a Building Information Analyst. Someone needs to know enough about the business side and enough about buildings and how those things can have business impact.”

Watch the full length, eight and a half minute video below.

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