WATCH – Aurecon talk BIM: “The earlier you commit, the earlier you can make the right decisions”

Credit: Aurecon
Credit: Aurecon

The saying goes that ‘the early bird catches the worm’ and that philosophy is what Building Information Modelling practice is all about for global consultants Aurecon.

The firm have released ‘An Overview of BIM‘, a visual question and answer session with their BIM Leader – Buildings, John Hainsworth. John was asked what his definition of BIM and what the future for BIM looks like. Read some of his thoughts below.

When is BIM best incorporated into a project?

“It’s best used when take on at earlier stages. You are looking to build data in to make macro decisions, look at the big picture. At the early stages, you can really change the project’s course and do that with data that is trustworthy. The earlier that you commit to BIM, the earlier that you can make the right decisions that drive down risk and promote cost certainty.”

On what the power of BIM is:

“In the most simplistic form, BIM is the 3D representation of data. Imagining how a building might look from a 2D drawing is very, very difficult; if you can see a building projected on a screen and get a real-time perspective of how that building will operate, then you can start to make real decisions.

“Not having a technical background, but being a decision maker and having trustworthy information behind the model of which you can make decision that matter, is really important.”

What does the future hold?

“What is so exciting about BIM is the evolution of the technology. Consider the future: we are looking at our data through a tablet, accessing infinite processing in the cloud. We can look at real-time simulations and get the decisions immediately in-order to inform our design.”

Watch the video below.

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