Press Release: Inreal’s real-time rendering plugin Enscape 1.3 released

Credit: Inreal
Credit: Inreal

Karlsruhe, Germany: The startup company Inreal released the newest version of their Revit plugin Enscape.

The Plugin enables users to create real-time renderings of their Revit projects. No import or export is necessary, only the click of a single button – everything else happens automatically on the user’s machine. As soon as the simulation has started, every change in Revit is a change in Enscape’s virtual environment: An instant connection ensures that the viewer sees the current project status including the current design option, phase and world location.

The live update combined with a new real-time global illumination technology, gives architects fully rendered, explorable real-time feedback. Instead of showing floor plans or sketchy line renderings, they can now take their colleagues and clients inside the building. The presentation is faster, requires less preparation effort and leaves an emotional footprint.

For early planning stages, Enscape offers the PaperMode™: The project can be rendered as a realistic paper model with outlines to avoid distraction through materials and details.

Enscape 1.3 offers:

• Support for the Oculus DK2
• Speed improvements for huge projects
• Compatibility for OS X Boot Camp
• Improved rendering quality and realism

Price point and availability: Enscape is available as a monthly and yearly license. Floating licenses ensure the flexible use on different machines. See Inreal’s store for pricing details. The software requires an OpenGL 4.2 compatible graphics card.

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