Marina King on Russia: Widespread BIM adoption “is inevitable. Like it or not”

Credit: ArdExpert
Credit: ArdExpert

One of the members of the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation has shared her thoughts on Russia‘s Building Information Modelling journey thus far.

In an interview with ArdExpert, Marina King spoke of the Russian Government’s stance on BIM:

“First of all, we should just accept the fact that BIM technology is the future of the construction industry. Although for some of our colleagues – this is now. It is inevitable. Like it or not. Information technologies, rapidly developing in recent decades, have made a kind of “revolution” in other sectors of the economy. Now they have reached construction.”

Back in August, it was announced that the Russian Federation had created a road map for BIM adoption in the country. 23 pilot projects have been selected and results taken from them will be reported to the Government by the end of 2015. From there, the analysed statistics will help create a framework for widespread BIM adoption in 2016.

Elsewhere in her interview, King spoke of a problem Russia currently faces – no-one is measuring the scale of BIM implementation in the country at all. She believes that this flaw must be resolved: “Unfortunately, the level of application of BIM technology in Russia no one has yet measured. I believe that it is our fault that must be corrected. In different countries we see the numbers in the range of 5% to 70%.”

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