Gratte Brothers Group: “For a true BIM experience, all involved should be appointed at day one”

Credit: Gratte Brothers
Credit: Gratte Brothers

The Mechanical Design Director at one of the UK’s leading building services firms has set the record straight on what Building Information Modelling is, and what it isn’t in a new online article.

Writing for H&V News, Remi Suzan of Gratte Brothers Group has challenged the narrow-minded and/or uneducated ideals of non-adopters by helping them understand BIM’s benefits.

Remi gets to the bottom line rather quickly, instructing that for the greater good of all companies involved within a project at one stage or another, everyone should be involved from the off.

“In order for BIM to become a reality, everyone involved in the process of constructing buildings needs to collaborate prior to the building starting on site,” explained Suzan. “This is where the present appointment and procurement strategies of today’s industry will need to be reconsidered.

“For a true BIM experience, all those who would be involved throughout the contract should be appointed at day one to bring their skills and knowledge to the generation of the BIM model during the pre-construction period. This period needs to be generous enough to allow the model to be developed properly and accurately so it can serve its purpose.”

Remi also tries to nail down BIM in it’s simplest of terms, ensuring that it really is straight-forward to follow. He writes: “The BIM concept is pretty simple when you distil it down to its basic elements. Remember that BIM isn’t just 3D drawing; we have been doing that for years. It’s about the designers, builders and operators working together through something that just so happens to be a 3D drawing that is embedded with time, cost and maintenance data.”

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