DCW AUDIO: Following April 4th, 2016, what is the next step for our industry?

Credit: DCW
Credit: DCW

Following April 4th, 2016, what is the next step for our industry?

Yesterday, we published our first series of audio snippets captured at Digital Construction Week 2015, which took place at London’s Business Design Centre on October 21st-22nd last week. We spoke to various exhibitors, seminar panellists and conference speakers and got them to ponder the same series of quick-fire questions relating to the future of digital construction and Building Information Modelling implementation across the United Kingdom.

Today, we are releasing opinions from the likes of Northumbria University‘s Professor David Greenwood, ArcDox‘s Ralph Montague and RPC Law‘s Sarah Rock regarding what next year will be like for the UK AEC industry, following the upcoming government mandate.

Come April 4th, 2016, all centrally-procured public sector projects will require the utilisation of Level 2 BIM. A further deadline has been implemented by the UK Government too; after October 3rd, 2016, government departments will “electronically validate BIM information delivered from the supply chain”.

Is April 4th of as much significance as industry, media and officials have made it out to be? What else must the industry improve on to ensure true, honest collaboration? Should BIM-adopting businesses next try and understand the importance of IoT, Big Data, Smart Cities, etc?

Find out what some of the most knowledgeable attending DCW had to say about the unknown we will venture into beyond April 4th.

Alex MacLaren – Heriot Watt University, Teambuild UK, BIM2050

Alex Siljanovski – BaseStone

Alison Watson – Class of Your Own

Darren Lester – SpecifiedBy

Prof. David Greenwood – Northumbria University

Dwight Wilson – Imtech, BIM2050

Fred Mills – The B1M

Gideon Farrell – Converge

Nathan Doughty – Asite

Nick Tune – coBuilder

Olly Thomas – BIM.Technologies, BIM Regions West Midlands

Ralph Montague – ArcDox, Construction IT Alliance

Rebecca De Cicco – Digital Node

Ryan Tennyson – BIM.Technologies, BIM2050

Sarah Rock – RPC Law, South East BIM Hub

Stephen Smith – Bechtel, Crossrail

Expect more coverage from Digital Construction Week soon. To learn more about the event, take a look back at the official hashtag feed – #DCW15.

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