Crunch Time: Jamie Robertson and Olivia Mudie

Credit: Bespoke
Credit: Bespoke

The #GlobalBIMCrew are known for being an incredibly lively, sociable and helpful group of people who love to discuss their experiences within the Building Information Modelling sector whilst attending a plethora of nationwide BIM events. How would you like to get to know even more about your fellow BIM enthusiasts and experts? Crunch Time will let you learn more about your fellow industry members professionally, as well we as personally when they answer fun questions against the clock.

Continuing our week-long celebrations marking one year since BIMcrunch’s new website was launched is a second episode of Crunch Time. Not only have we never published two episodes of Crunch Time before in a single week before, this interview also marks the first time BIMcrunch Editor Jack White is joined by not one, but two guests! Joining Jack to discuss their roles at Bespoke Careers – the recruitment consultancy comprising of trained architects and designers – is BIM Specialist Jamie Robertson and Head of New Business & Marketing, Olivia Mudie.

The duo discuss how Bespoke’s five offices in four countries help one another through research and knowledge sharing, how they often find work for BIM professionals from the UK work in other territories such as Australia, the success of their BIMnet conference series, and their latest industry evening, a Digital Construction Week fringe event in association with BAM and Faro.

During the fun, quick-fire Crunch Time questions, Jamie reveals the cartoon character he believes Olivia looks like and Olivia lets us know which TV reality show she would take part in! Plenty of fact and fun in this particular interview!

Learn more about Jamie and Olivia professionally, and personally below.

As part of Digital Construction Week, Bespoke have teamed up with key industry players, BAM and Faro to host an evening of case studies looking at how those giants of the AEC industry have collaborated digitally on projects, pre and post-construction. The event kicks off DCW 2015, taking place at 58 St Johns Square, London on October 19th. Sharing their stories at the event will be BAM’s Mark Taylor and Faro’s Chris Palmer. More information can be found here.

In addition to that, join both Bespoke and Faro on October 21st for their official DC Drinks Reception.

Jamie and Olivia can both be found on LinkedIn, and if you want to know more about Bespoke Careers, visit their Twitter account and official website.

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