Company Spotlight: BAM FM

Credit: BAM FM
Credit: BAM FM

Company Spotlight does exactly what it says on the proverbial tin. Learn all about the history, BIM journey and latest Building Information Modelling developments of some of the industry’s most-recognisable names. In this instalment, office furniture manufacturer-turned-BIM adopting success story BAM FM have the limelight cast on them.

BAM FM is part of the BAM Construct UK group and has operated throughout the UK since 1998. BAM FM works closely with the other group companies to successfully deliver integrated projects and services. The company also extends its services beyond new projects to deliver a comprehensive range of FM services and MEP maintenance to existing facilities and estates in the public and private sectors.

BAM are always on the lookout for ways to improve the quality and efficiency of their services. BAM was an early adopter of BIM, and having witnessed the benefits of operating BIM during design and construction activities, they saw an opportunity to improve their FM collaboration with design teams and also to transfer the accumulated geometric and asset data into the operation of new buildings. COBie remains a useful standard for BIM data to be passed from construction to operation, however by retaining the full BIM they were able to interrogate the 3D model and asset data and achieve measurable benefits to service quality and productivity in operational buildings.

Credit: BAM FM
Credit: BAM FM

BAM continue to collaborate with design and construction teams using BIM to review whole lifecycle costs and offering FM insight into the operation of new facilities. They anticipate that several new projects will seek to maintain the full BIM geometry and asset data after handover and BAM endeavour to support them in this activity and avoid the ‘BIMCliff’, when the information that has been accumulated in BIM is lost after completion.

Because most buildings already exist BAM are investigating the benefits of creating ‘Retro-BIM’ for a sample of their exciting long term FM facilities. By refining tolerances and information requirements to be appropriate for operational purposes (rather than construction purposes) BAM have been able to economically create geometric and asset data to achieve the same operational benefits as new BIM projects.

BIM will become the new standard for O&M and As Fitted information for buildings (at least for medium sized projects and above) and handheld or wearable hardware will synchronise the user and their position to BIM in an augmented-reality environment. Building managers and FM contractors will make routine use of these tools and data, and will connect this to live data that is generated by building assets, business management systems and which is gathered from external sources to improve productivity, safety and service quality to building users. BAM FM cannot wait to be a part of this movement and see how these technologies impact the FM world.

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