Changsha Metro line extension three months ahead of schedule thanks to BIM

Credit: ZZ News
Credit: ZZ News

The implementation of Building Information Modelling has led to the extension of a Chinese Metro line being on track to finish three months ahead of schedule.

ZZ News reports that Changsha Metro Line 2 in Hunan started its trial run of service last month, when it was in fact meant to start in December.

Line 2 opened back in April 2014 and is one of 12 lines planned to service the community, five of which are under construction at the same time. Once complete, the 4.6 kilometre addition will feature four new stations: Meixi Lake West Station; Luyun Road Station; Culture and Art Center Station; and Meixi Lake East Station.

BIM was introduced to the project “to effectively resolve conflict and pipeline operation and maintenance problems”, and considering it has led to knocking 90 days off of the project, it was certainly effective!

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