CEO of Steljes: BIM “the catalyst set to spark a technological revolution”

view of digital building frame
Credit: RICS
Credit: RICS

The CEO of interactive technology specialists Steljes have praised the UK Government’s mandate of Building Information Modelling, believing that “there has never been a better time for companies to take their ways of working into the future”.

In a new piece to be published in PBC Today, Martin Large believes that technology is being used more frequently than ever with construction, and the Government’s BIM mandate may have something to do with that:

“The government mandate that all public sector centrally procured construction projects will be delivered using a building information modelling (BIM) approach by 2016, looks set to spark a technological revolution,” states Large. “We are certainly seeing more use of technology and 3D simulation software in light of the government initiative, and with growing pressure on the industry to complete every project on time and on budget, it makes logical sense to introduce the latest solutions that would improve and speed up the entire design process.”

Martin also looks at the positives relating to BIM implementation, expressing that he believes the initial costs will definitely be worth it. He said: “The financial benefits from reduced travel time and working hours are obvious. Perhaps, even more importantly, the technological process also reduces risk in design, removing the all-too-common mistakes of misread and misunderstood drawings and potentially saving companies tens of thousands of pounds. Reducing the carbon footprint is also very relevant to many of today’s forward-thinking building firms.

“The new way of working could be a world away from the rather linear working that we see in the industry today. Across business in general, collaboration has been the buzzword for some time, and the use of interactive technology encourages employees to be more engaged and work together as a team.”

Read the complete insight from Large here. Ensure to read the latest issue of PBC Today, featuring this story and more when released later this month.

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