buildingSMART shed more light on Spain’s March 2018 BIM mandate

Credit: buildingSMART Spain
Credit: buildingSMART Spain

The latest edition of the buildingSMART newsletter has shed additional light onto Spain‘s plans for mandatory Building Information Modelling adoption on public sector projects.

Earlier this year, Ana Pastor, Minister of Development for Spanish Government, announced the creation of a BIM implementation committee who have an intention of orchestrating a BIM mandate that will commence in 2018.

Back in July, Ana said that the group was created as BIM is “being implemented progressively and as a tool, demand is growing day by day worldwide”. buildingSMART Spain share that viewpoint, and one of their members, Sergio Muñoz of engineering firm Inceo, told the newsletter: “There is a strong support for this move, among clients and larger companies. However, it may be hard for some of the SMEs. At buildingSMART Spain, we have working groups in the areas of dissemination and training, and we intend to help ease the way for the smaller players.

“buildingSMART Spain is actively involved in the national BIM strategy and we aim to lead one of the task groups. As a country, Spain will be better placed to participate in the world’s AEC industry as a result of the strategy.”

The task groups Sergio referred to are the five set up by the BIM implementation committee (known as Comisión para la implantación de la metodología BIM in Spanish). The quintet will liaise internationally with foreign buildingSMART bodies and other committees to ensure Spain’s work aligns with that of other nations. The task groups will also use Spain’s progress as a way to influence countries in Latin America of how to best use BIM.

The newsletter also shares details on Spain’s provisional timetable for mandatory BIM implementation on public sector, public construction and infrastructure projects. March 2018 is when a public sector mandate is expected, December 2018 for public construction works and July 2019 is the timeframe for mandated infrastructure BIM.

Exciting times ahead for Spain!

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