BIM Brunch – Jakub Wachocki

BIM Brunch - Jakub Wachocki

BIM Brunch is the perfect accompaniment to your dinner break. Featuring some major players from the #GlobalBIMCrew, BIM Brunch is an interview feature where industry specialists talk about their passion for Building Information Modelling amongst other topics of conversation.

Global BIM Consultant at Bentley Systems, Jakub Wachocki is today’s BIM Brunch interviewee. Jakub discusses his university studies in Italy, working on Kuwait Airport, travelling through his role and he has praise for Bilal Succar and Su Butcher.

What is your favourite career related website/blog?

There are many. I have never trusted one source of truth. I would rather rely on aggregating, filtering and skimming (Twitter, Linkedin or Feedly). My peers are the best font of inspiration. If I need to give some names then Business Insider and the Australian site Sourceable provided a great deal of quality content recently. I would like to hear more about BIM as a behavioural and social transformation though.

Do you have a favourite industry book, magazine or publication?

I do follow the publications from Also the printed CIOB`s Construction Manager magazine and AEC Magazine but paper is not as dynamic, searchable and consumable as the digital. Nevertheless Consumption Economics, B4B and Who Moved My Cheese are the books I suggest today.

The top industry event you have recently been to is?

The Process Innovation Forum meeting. Otherwise the AEC Hackathon was the best industry experience this year so far where my team, formed on the fly, won for the best open source project. Great fun solving specific problems!

I am looking forward to Digital Construction Week too.

Favourite Twitter handles to follow?

@EEPaul and @SuButcher have built a great buzz around social BIM. @ShaunF1969, @BSuccar and @ralph_arcdox for great content. For the new starters @TheB1M.

What is your all-time favourite building?

No doubt about this one. London`s 30 St Mary Axe (The Gherkin) for its simplicity and complexity, beauty and ugliness, cutting edge generative engineering and manufacturing. The way it touches the ground and scrapes the sky is outstanding.

What is your favourite project you have worked on?

The Kuwait Airport. This project has pushed the boundaries of engineering in every aspect. Currently as a consultant I do have many little wins, some of which are confidential, but the best projects are the ones which make our clients succeed.

What is the best thing about the team at Bentley Systems?

Bentley Systems is absolutely global, people are spread across all the continents, but very well connected by instant communication and social platforms. The knowledge is shared rapidly, people are generous. The consultancy vertical I work within (Global Services) is formed by few energetic individuals that make the things happen.

What was the first BIM related project you have been a part of and what did you learn from the experience?

That was at University in Italy. At that time BIM as we know it today did not exist. Mainly 3D visualisation focused. The next one though was my final thesis project where I developed and engineered an 8mln pax/year airport terminal. My first attempts to bring the quantities into costing, the model into the model based structural analysis software and back, did impress the commission. That type of approach was in its beginnings. What I learned? That this is the future of construction!

Ah, did I mention my first project ever was designed with ink?

The most exciting possibilities Building Information Modelling can offer are?

What Building Information Modelling can offer is pretty much known. But what the Business Information Management can do is another story. The possibilities are everywhere, at every stage of the process. I believe we can be 200% faster and more accurate in our decision making and optioneering activities during the next five years. We are producing a vast amount of data now. We need to learn how to use it. The way we have been managing projects so far must change.

In the close future I want to see robots manufacturing our assets, and sensors to collect my environment usage data linked to my body activity tracker so we can learn how to design better performing buildings and infrastructure. If we manage to link the social interactions to our engineering platforms we will achieve that.

Who or what made you want to work within the Architecture, Engineering and Construction sector?

The combination of art and the science.

What is your proudest career highlight?

No #BIMNobel yet. After founding two organisations in the past, I have recently founded the Process Innovation Forum which is bringing together some great minds from our industry. Watch this space.

Besides that, I enjoy every “AHA! moment” while with clients.

What is the best part about your job?

Travelling. I am slowly running out of space for Visas in my passport. It helps me to see a variety of realities, obstacles, approaches, cultures and methodologies.

For more information on Jakub’s role and to contact him, you can find him on both LinkedIn and Twitter.

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