Best BIM Bad BIM: John Eynon

Best BIM Bad BIM - John Eynon

Answered from either a personal or industry-viewpoint perspective, Best BIM Bad BIM sees a member of the #GlobalBIMCrew divulge their best and worst BIM experiences and what they have learned from both. The latest interviewee in the BBBB series is John Eynon, Director of Open Water Consulting. John, who is also Director of BIM4SME and Co-Champion of the South East BIM Region discusses what the industry and doing Best and what are examples of Bad practice.

What does John think industry is practicing Best at the moment?

I think the best thing about the UK BIM movement is that we’re talking across boundaries and silos over the whole industry. At least some of us are anyway! This covers all disciplines, professions, sectors and stages of the lifecycle. The culture is changing to an extent, but the change to digital is inevitable. It’s a question of timing, but also seeing what we can do to accelerate the change.

What does John believe the industry are doing Badly at the moment?

Probably A – the exact converse of the above and B – the realization that after banging on about this for 4 years, if we’ve influenced 20% of the industry to go digital I’d be surprised. We have such a way to go in getting the simple message out and moving our industry to Level 2.

And they are still there, the naysayers, doom-mongers that say “we’ve heard it all before” and those that ask for case studies or report after report. Any excuse for not doing something!

What lessons does John think can be learned from both Best and Bad?

I think there are a few things…

We need to be determined and keep going – change programmes are always difficult, and this is the biggest change programme in the history of the industry. Remember: as much as we talk about technology, this is about people, and sometimes shepherding cats is easier!

It is at times very frustrating, so patience is a virtue and counting to ten becomes a habit! However as much as the so called experts and geeks want to push on and impress us with their knowledge of the BIM TLAs, it is the masses untouched by BIM that are my personal mission. And for these people it is Groundhog Day. We need to repeat, repeat, repeat and repeat the basic messages, until the industry gets it. We need to influence at least 600,000 people to reach the tipping point for BIM Digital adoption.

Undoubtedly this transformation is inevitable. (I can explain why but not enough room here!) It is simply a question of time

My concern is not for Gen Y and Z and those that follow, (they will all get there anyway), but those in mid-to-late career. And similarly businesses that are lagging behind on this. If we do not evolve, we face economic extinction, particularly with the threat of digitally savvy people and companies from other sectors moving into design and construction.

So yes, now is a time of mixed messages, good and bad, excellent and shocking. That’s to be expected. However, we all need to make a little progress every day, keep the faith and keep calm and carry on!

John will representing BIM4SME and the South East BIM Region at Digital Construction Week‘s Digital Construction Show on October 21st and 22nd in London within the BIM 4 Communities Village. More information on that can be found here. As well as at DCW, John can be reached via Twitter.

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